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Creativity Test — Ever hear of this?

January 2016

Sarnoff Mednick, professor emeritus of psychology at USC who died this past year, devised a simple "creativity test" in 1962 in association with the University of Michigan, called the Remote Associates Test. Ever heard of this test?


An online database of test questions (in English) has since been created, with items ranging from 'very easy' to 'very hard.' Apparently his first wife, Martha, helped devise these questions, since she is credited with developing the test:


According to the 1962 article published in Psychological Review, the test is supposed to consist of 30 items (presumably at varying levels of difficulty) and the test subject is supposed to be given 40 minutes, or 1 min 20 sec per question, to complete the test.


My question is:

Does anyone know whether a similar test has been devised in Dutch — or in any other language for that matter?

I would be interested in taking such a test in Dutch, but would allow myself more time, maybe 70 minutes, or 2 min 20 sec per question.

Until seeing this test on an episode of National Geographic Explorer called 'Call of the Wild,' I had never heard of it before, but have since wondered whether such a test has ever been devised in other languages?