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Swedishfinnpolymath's year of progress

January 22 at 12:52

This original post has been rewriten many times and it might be also in the future as the year goes along. In this OP I want to outline big projects and tell what you can expect from me by following this thread. For many years I have felt miserable due to many complex problems that have been aggravated by smaller problems.

I tend to write fast in informal settings which explains some errors and sloppily worded sentences. Another possible reason for weird writings could be that I was in a very agitated/morose mood at the time of writing.

This year feels like a now or never moment which is why I want to record down as much as I can in terms of how I feel what I have done and so on and so forth. This will also explain why some earlier post might seem all over the place while others are very eloquently written.


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