Learn Japanese with me this year

ericrobertz ca Canada

Hey Everyone - one year of Japanese down, another to go...and another, and another. I'll be sharing my journey every week. My goal is to get to a conversational level.

Week 1

January 06 at 18:49
  • NickHoyt us United States

    Great video! Looking forward to following this series in 2020.

    January 06 at 19:46
    • Administrator
      ericrobertz ca Canada

      Great, if you decide to record more videos using LingQ please feel free to make a new thread in this section! We'd love to hear it, Nick.

      January 07 at 00:17
  • JulieS au Australia

    I’ve decided to stop stuffing around in Japanese and have committed to sitting the JLPT test this year. It gives me butterflies, so should be a good thing, as I do best when under pressure. I haven’t decided yet whether to sit the N4 or N3 when the time comes in early December, as there’s only annual testing in my State.

    Or, better still, leave hubby and kids behind and travel interstate to sit the N4 mid year?! 🎈Either way, I’ve got my work cut out. 😊

    January 08 at 11:11