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90-Day Challenge (Sep 1 - Dec 1)

September 01 at 17:41

Hey LingQers, I'm excited to partake in the 90-Day Challenge starting today.

Use this thread to ask any questions about the challenge, share your goals and updates on your progress, advice on how to find content and learn effectively.

My 90-Day Plan:

- Background: I am returning to learning Spanish, after a few years off. I had reached an intermediate level, living in Colombia for 6 months. I could have decent conversations and felt comfortable speaking. But my vocabulary was quite limited. I even performed stand-up comedy in Spanish but understood almost nothing of the other performers. And since leaving Colombia I have just had sporadic conversations over the past few years.

- Long-term goals: So my brother just got engaged to his Mexican girlfriend, so I want to be able to speak fluently with the family and give a speech in Spanish at his wedding. And I want to be able to read Don Quixote in Spanish.

- 90-Day goals: I will be going to Mexico in November, so my goal is to get my Spanish to 6,000 Known words by then. And I want to be able to read El Otro by Borges.

- How I will achieve this: I will use LingQ every day. This is non-negotiable. I will start in the morning, and then do some more before lunch & dinner. But absolutely must hit my modest LingQs created goal every day. And aim to spend at least 1 hour a day total LingQing, mostly with the MiniStories & Radialistas. And then creating music lessons from my Latin music Spotify playlist (importing from youtube videos with closed captions).


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