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How many lemmas can you learn a day? As an English speaker

January 2022

Lemma meaning: the words work, working, worker are all represented by one lemma.

How many of these can you learn a day? 30? And then how many lemmas do you need to know to understand 75% of text? I see the number 1000 thrown around a lot, but I don't think that's enough; it might not even be enough for 50%.

EDIT: I see people talking about flashcards here, and what I really have in mind is acquiring words through reading&re-reading texts, especially by using interlinear translations. I wish LingQ had the option of tracking how many lexemes/lemmas you know as well, like Vocab Tracker does, and not just the individual words. The problem with Vocab Tracker is that it doesn't track the number of words you know 🤦🏻