How many words do you need on LingQ?

Mpampalitsas de Germany

Hi everyone,

I´ve been learning russian now for half a year. And I was just wondering how many words you need to know on LingQ to reach a B2 level. I´ve studied Greek on LingQ before and there, with a word count of 20000 words, I´d say I´m fluent. In russian I thought about maybe 40000 words or so, but then I heard that Steve had over 90000 words and that intimedated me quiet a bit. So is there anybody here who has experiences on this topic?

May 2019
  • ftornay es Spain

    User t_harangi wrote a very interesting blogpost in this forum relating his results in official language tests in different languages to the amount of Lingq words he knew in each of them. You can find that post through the fourm search engine.

    Russian was not one of the languages he tested but his overall results were similar to those I'd expect in those languages so I think I can extrapolate to a language such as Russian, which is my primary target here on Lingq.

    I agree with you that you can expect to take part in everyday conversations after you reach over 40.000 "lingq" words (let's say from 45.000 to 50.000 just to be sure), as long as you have enough practice speaking and, above all, understanding spoken speech. You certainly don't need to know as many words as Steve in Russian. Notice that Steve's statisitcs in that language are a bit of an outlier, probably due to the fact that he read quite a few classical novels in the language. You need a much larger vocabulary to read literature comfortably than to engage in casual conversations. He seems to settle at a lower word count in other Slavic languages, such as Czech or Ukrainian.

    May 2019