Echo Moskvy: Where are the longer interviews with text and matching audio?

Romnik gb United Kingdom

Hello all! :)

I remember ages ago I stumbled across the part where interviews have both audio and text for like 40 minute podcasts on Echo Moskvy, but I can't seem to find that page again.

Could someone help direct me a bit? Everytime I click on something, its just audio or some tiny article, its really the longer content I would like :)

(here is the main homepage to the website)

Thanks pals!


November 08 at 12:26
  • Yannick at Austria

    Don't worry, it's all still there.

    Normally, there are plenty of interviews with both audio and text on Echo Moskvy's homepage. I just tried and could find a couple right away:

    The thing about the homepage is that there you can only find the most recent programmes/blog posts. There is also a way to display the most popular programmes of the week (programmes like Невзоровские среды and Код доступа are always in the top 3). Follow this link to get there:

    Hope that helps!

    November 10 at 14:19
    • Romnik gb United Kingdom

      Wow! Thank you so much for the guidance and help! This is exactly what I wanted, thanks for really breaking it down! ^^

      Good luck with your learning! :D

      November 15 at 18:36