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Talk to me in korea iyagi scripts no more

March 2013

Seems like TTMIK isn't offering their iyagi series transcripts for free anymore and have gone in business mode.

The MP3's are free but if you want a iyagi korean transcript seems like they want you to pay 2.99$ now for a korean transcripts with english translation...

Good on them for pushing their business forward ( no complaints on my end). Just letting you guys know...

I'm slightly disapointed because I wont be able to import any more for my own private use... It's been my staple for study material so far.

Luckily I downloaded /saved most of the 144 episodes and I'm studying those on LingQ rightnow. I'm Missing only about a dozen lessons.

Today I was going to download / study a new one but Noticed they updated their website and deleted the transcripts and added links to buy translations/transcripts instead..

Bummer. I'll have to look for something else to study.


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