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Pronoun/Pimsleur question

April 2013

I'm listening to Pimsleur's Korean and in a lesson you are taught "I know" is 압니다 (amnida) but "you know" is something like "Ah-shim-nida"... so I know there is no pronoun in the first example but they suggest the Shh sound creates the you-I distinction. As there seems to be no transcript for Pimsleur available anywhere, can someone clarify what kind of distinction they are making? It's driving me crazy why no pronoun implies an "I" but not a "you".

I spent quite some time learning to be able to read Korean and its sounds, so not being able to see the Korean for what I am listening to makes Pimsleur so irritating. I can't even reference the Korean words they are using.

Thank you for any help!


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