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Online Korean class

September 2014

I have been taking an online class with Korean Digital Academy. They provide video lectures by a Canadian Rob Julian, and workbooks to practice what you learn. There is also an online session every week with a native Korean speaker where you get to practice speaking. Registration is open now for new classes, and I highly recommend it.

In the 12 hours of class, this is what I learned: numbers 숫자, time 시간, money 돈, date (calendar) 일자, days of week 요일, counting units 개, family 가족, countries 나라, greetings 인사, job/profession 직업, food 음식, pronouns 대명사. I am learning particles 이/가, 을/를, 은/는, 도, 에, 에서, 으로/로, 의, 한테, 과/와, 하고, 만, 부터, 까지, 이나/나. I only know a few verbs, 이다, 있다, 아니다, 없다, 먹다, 얼마다.

If you already know some Korean, Rob will place you in the appropriate level. I'd be thrilled if you could join me in Level 2 :-) I just signed up for another three months.

Good luck to all in your studies.


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