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New LingQ user here, trying to learn Korean

October 2015

I'll introduce myself first. I'm Andreas, I'm 16 (almost 17) and I'm currently attending videregående skole (high school? Idk the english term) in the Trøndelag area of Norway. I'm fluent in Norwegian and I would say I'm at an advanced level in English.

Anyways, for a little while now I have wanted to learn a third language and korean came to mind because I find the culture and food among other things interesting. Right now I'm at a COMPLETE beginner level and I'm looking for a language partner to chat with over skype. I probably know less than 50 words at the moment but I have been studying sentence structure and the Hangul writing system. I can read korean words but I don't know what they mean.

For the next week I'll start memorizing and learning some important verbs, nouns and prefixes/suffixes. So if anyone that speaks a little korean is interested in learning some basic Norwegian, just hit me up and we can add eachother on skype or something.


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