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More Korean Content for LingQ

January 2013

I thought maybe we could compile a thread of links to websites which could possibly be imported into LingQ. (I.E. Content that already has both audio and a transcript - not something that would require a native speaker to record or transcribe it).

I know I sometimes come across Korean videos with a transcript, but don't have the time to rip the audio and import it into LingQ, so I end up just importing the text and watching the video separately. But if we can compile a list here, maybe as users of this forum have time they can contribute by emailing the content providers to ask permission, rip audio from videos as necessary, and import the content LingQ, so that way everyone in the community can benefit from it.

To start off: - News website with video clips, typically a minute or two in length, with accompanying transcriptions. Perfect way to start studying the news. New clips are uploaded several times per day. - This blog sometimes posts transcriptions of Korean videos. I think he/she is a member here? - They also have some transcriptions of videos, although someone would need to edit the English out.

If anyone else has any sites they've come across that have native audio with transcripts, post the links here and hopefully we can start growing the LingQ Korean library!


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