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Could you guys please help me translate the letter from English in to Korean ㅠㅠ

May 2014

Hello I'm going to write a letter for my idol.

please you guys help me to translate it in to Korean?

I try to do my best but my knowlegde is so poor.

here is my message.


Hello oppa <3

Greeting from ___(country)___!

I'm 라미 in korean or you can call me "__(my name)__"

I'm 18 y.o. (Korean's counting)

I was thinking so hard to write this letter because my korean skill is so poor.

but I have some people that are native speaker help me ;)

Lastly, i determined to do it!

I'm a big fan of you.

I love your smile, your eyes, your voice oh god! I love all of you.

I hope to see your smile for eternity.

Some day, i will go to support you when i graduate my school.

Oppa! You have to look after your health and your body.

It may be an ordinary letter in your eyes but i did it with my heart. <3~

I extremely love you.

Ps. I hope you like my shirt (i'm sorry for not giving you by myself, i have to study ㅠㅠ)

Ps2. Please come to _____(country)___ ! I'll wait you.


Thanks you very much



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