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Correct writing: Submit a response vs. comments, private vs. open requests

June 2014

Being sure correctors of my Korean sentences get their points.

I want to be sure everyone is rewarded for helping me review my sentences as I learn to write in Korean.

Both I and soojeensin are new members. She answered my post "I read a book at the library" However, she did not "submit a response". I gifted her 20 points, and I am now trying to figure out how to complete the request.

Should I change it from "open" to "specific member/private" and send to soojeensin?

I did that on this request for correction post

Can you help me explain "submit a response" to the very helpful soojeensin so she can be properly rewarded? Or explain to me how to reward her if she gives her answer as a comment instead of as response?


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