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Can you help me to translate a letter into Korean?:(

October 2012

Pleeeeeease help me to translate this letter into Korean... I know it is long D:

But I am writing this to my favorite boy band from Korea!

Although they are all older than me, I want to make my letter to sound a little fun and playful, instead of just being really polite and boring:/ if you know what I mean

>>>> Sentences put in *** don't have to be translated, thank you!

TO: _____ oppa, _____ oppa, _____ oppa, ______ oppa, and _____ oppa (Yes, there are five members... maybe you could guess who they are after reading my letter lol)

Hiii my name is Amber, I am 19 years old, turning 20 on Nov 24. Yay

I am originally from Hong Kong but I moved to Los Angeles few years ago.

I've loved you ever since your debut. I really love your music, they are so different from others; so unique and inspiring.

Despite of the well-known fact that you are all super cute, hahaha,

I love you because you all have got a great personality; sweet and heartwarming, and this is what makes you a truly charming and beautiful person.

______ oppa, heyy I love Michael Jackson too! He will always be our KING, right? Hehee. Oppa, you should invent the "SUN walk" because you ARE the sun!

______ oppa, you know... I am really jealous of you not only because that you are just two years older than me and you are already one of the richest men in the country, I am jealous because you are so young and you get to experience all the things I'd never get a chance to do. But I will never stop dreaming, becasue you give me motivation!

______ oppa, hiii Mr. Angel! You know all your family, friends, and loving fans will ALWAYS be there for you, so keep smiling! You smile can seriously melt a frozen heart<3 whenever I think of your crazy laughter and random face expressions, that just put a smile on my face haha I love you

______ oppa, I love how weird you are. You are the weirdest yet the cutest man ever, haha! Hmm... I just want to say, follow your heart and be yourself. ***"Just be yourself, there is no one better" - Taylor Swift***

______ oppa, last but not least, our greatest ***LEADAH*** of all time. ***Heyy what's up our pretty boy*** it is ridiculous how talented you are and how blessed we are to have your music in our lives, it makes everything better! You never fail to surprise us, so please don't give up! Keep making good music for the people who love you

I still can't believe that I am actually going to see you, like in REAL LIFE! Finally... after watching you on my computer screen for seven years (sound like a creeper HAHA).

Anyways. please keep making fantastic music for your fans. Stay true and happy! Oh and please please please take care and be healthy! Soooooooo, hope you enjoy your LA trip. Fighting!


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