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Can someone help me with translating this?

January 2016


I'm currently trying to translate Kim Minki's song "A little pond" (김민기 - 작은 연못) for my thesis but it seems like I just can't get this passage right:

검은 물만 고인 채 한없는 세월 속을

말없이 몸짓을 헤매다 수많은 계절을 맞죠

I looked the words up (more often than I want to admit) but it doesn't make sense to me, or not a lot. Like, I can't form a sentence with the pieces I understand.

Please let me know if you need more of the lyrics for context but the song is basically about two fish who where living in a small pond; one day they started fighting and one of them died, the water started rotting because of the fish corpse and living in the pond became hard.

I'd really appreciate your help!

Thanking you in anticipation,



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