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Book Importing - I can do it

October 2010

Hey Folks,

New member here, offering tutoring in Korean. I would love to see the Korean language grow in academia and am willing to support you all in your Korean learning experience. I have residency in Korea and accounts necessary to import books at a very low shipping cost and no import tax. Shipping is done by Fedex and usually arrives in 5 days. Let me know what you would be interested in and I can get it for you. The only thing I would charge extra is the international fee I get hit for using my credit card with an overseas company, usually 3% of the total purchase. Shipping is usually only $12-$15, and I've gotten packages as fast as 2 days.

Books I'd recommend for learning Korean:

연세 대학교 출판사 한국어 영어판 1-6 (Korean by Yonsei University Publishing, English Version)

Note: #3 switches to all korean about halfway through the book, and 4+ are all in Korean

Chinese Characters: A Radical Approach - James C. Whitlock Jr. - an AMAZING book for learning the roots of chinese based Korean vocabulary


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