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Best resources for advanced intermediate.

February 2013

I am Korean studies major and prior to that I lived in Korea for over 3 years. I just finished a semester at Yonsei (level 4) and am relatively confident in my ability to understand Korean. To give an example, I can use a Korean only grammar dictionary to look up unknown grammar patterns fairly effectively and have a vocabulary of approximately ~5000 words. I still find myself in a situation where I can't acquire enough usable material for CONVERSATIONAL korean. I could easily pull up material from Korean wikipedia or Naver news, but the problem is that the style doesn't reflect language that is used in conversation.

Are there any resources out there that:

1. Are extremely extensive (meaning I could use the resource for at least 12 months without exhausting all of the texts)

2. Are conversational (not excessively formal or professional)

3. Don't require an excessive amount of formatting to input into lingq, eg: too many symbols, not in plain text format, etc..

any help is appreciated.


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