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홀로 by 정키 - help please

July 2014

I'm trying to figure out this beautiful song and the English translation is making me question my Korean ability altogether. I am so far off at times...depressing. I will just write the English lines that I don't understand.

아침에 눈을 떴을 때

텅 빈 방안에 나 홀로

니 빈자리 거닐면서 Translated as: I am lost in thought. (I'm reading: your empty chair, while walking ???)

많은 생각들에 잠겨 Translated as: thinking of your empty space. (I'm reading: I am locked in many thoughts)

지워질 수 없는 기억

돌이킬 수 없는 우리

헤어날 수 없는 나와 Translated as: I'm watching you drift away from me. (I'm reading: cannot be freed from me ??)

멀어져만 가는 너를 바라봐 Translated as: unable to escape. (I'm reading: you are only going farther away so I can only watch you from a far)

누군가 한 말 처럼 translated as: Though I hope of. (I'm reading: someone/anyone one words like ???? -- so frustrating to know all the words and have no idea what they mean together)

언젠가 만날 거라 translated as: meeting you sometimes. (I'm reading: we must meet sometimes 라 = command)

그렇게 우린 헤어진 거야

As Steve says, I am deep in the fog that is Korean and pray for the day that it lifts.

Any help would be much appreciated. And I certainly recommend this song to anyone interested in Korean...


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