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주차티켓은 신경 쓰지 않겠어요. Why written this way?

March 2016

There have been some simple sentences which I feel I should easily understand but for some reason they still escape me, despite having read them many times and heard them many times. So I don't know _why_ I am having trouble, but will try explain and hopefully someone can shed some light on this:

주차티켓은 신경 쓰지 않겠어요.

From "Who Is She" Part 12. Now the given translation is "I dont care if I get a parking ticket". Perhaps a more literal translation might be "I'm not worried if a parking ticket is written or not" (correct me if this is not a more literal translation).

In part the reason I am confused is because the verb '쓰다' is (I believe in this context) to be 'write'. However the subject is a parking ticket. It appears to have a topic marker. I expect this to be the object, not the subject (unless the verb is in the passive voice, but it doesn't appear to be).

However even if that confusion were cleared up, I don't really understand the placement of '신경' within the sentence. It *feels* to me like "not concerned" or "not caring" should be the verb rather than it being "write". I can't make sense of why it isn't written in a slightly different fashion.

Any help much appreciated! I feel like this sentence is a simplified example of a misunderstanding I've had for some time. If I could understand this, it would be the gateway to me understanding a number of similar ones.


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