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음악: 아웃사이더, 세계의 가장 빠른 랩가수

December 2012

Allegedly, Korean hip-hop artist Outsider should hold the Guinness record as the world's fastest rapper, but they will only accept English. If you're in for a challenge, import the lyrics into LingQ and try to follow along ;)

외톨이 (Loner):

가사 (Lyrics):

It gets ridiculous around 1:48.

주인공 (Hero):


Even singing along to the chorus of one of these songs is a challenge! But I think it would be hilarious for a 외국인 to be able to bust this out in the 노래방 ;)

Oh, and sorry if I'm not posting these threads in the right forum, but I don't see an open forum for Korean.


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