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'봄 타나 봐' means what in English?

June 2014

What does '봄 타나 봐' mean in English? I think it is a Korean idiom about friendship? I get as far as I get as far as 봄=spring 타나=burn/ride 봐=look/see.

Here is what my Korean pen pal wrote to me:

'봄 타나 봐' is very beautiful word. Do you understand what it means?

'타다' is verb. Burn, ride.

When we use burn, make fire. (불이 타다.)

Ride : ride bicycle. (자전거를 타다.)

'봄 타다.' : Hew!! It's so hard to explain with my poor English.

Season fall down every year same time. Specially, Spring is different with other season.

All life rise up and more activity after through cold winter, painful sore cold wind etc..

Finally, if Spring come again, our life is definatly defferent than before. We couldn't speak any word. That time we always feel fresh and different feeling than usual.

Suddenly warm temperature grasp atmosphere. Sometimes, feel sleepy with drowsy.

We used to say '봄 탄다.' When we talk to friend, '봄 타나 봐.'

How they translate that in English?


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