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Translations aren´t making any sense / Using LingQ as a beginner

October 2013

Hey there,

I´ve been studying japanese for a few days and I really start to *love* the language :)

There´s one problem, though...

A lot of times, when I translate each word in order to understand a phrase...the result looks rather funny:

"わたし は さおり と いい ます" - I [topic marker] Saroi with good to be.

"わたし は はるか です" - I [tp] great distance am.

My favorite:

"どうぞ よろしく おね がいし ます"

Go ahead well mountain ridge foreign language newspaper (something verby)

How am I supposed to understand any of this? xD

And more importantly, what should I do now?

Should I learn some grammar first? Should I just ignore phrases I don´t understand and concentrate on what I do understand? I could ask for translations on the forum, but I guess opening 5 or more threads a day would be a little too much.

Some of you guys seem to have learned Japanese to a decent level (Julz?Dooo?Iri?), so I hope that someone will be able to help me out :)


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