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Lots of mistakes in written text

March 2010

There seems to be lots of mistakes in the transcription for this lesson ... some examples:

at around 3mins30secs, Tamaki is written to say: ・・・発音に注意して話すように気を使っています。but that should be ... 気を付けっています

and a few seconds later it is written she says: ・・・とにかく、言いたいことを言わないと思って but there should be another と making that ・・・とにかく、言いたいことを言わないとと思って.

Also, I don't think the right kanji for わかる is used around 4:42 ... it's written as 解かる. Is that right? Not 分かる?

Anyway, there's probably more I haven't noticed yet. But these have confused me ... whether this is important in the total scheme of things, perhaps not. But it's a shame to see.


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