Lesson Notes for the Japanese Newbie lessons

April 2009



Watashi wa Mayumi desu. Anata wa William-san desu ka?

- Hai, watashi wa William desu.

Watashi wa ureshii desu. Kanojo wa kanashii desu ka?

- Hai, kanojo wa kanashii desu.

Watashitachi wa dai-gakusei desu. Anatatachi wa koukou-sei desu ka?

- Iie, watashitachi wa chuu-gakusei desu.

Kanojotachi wa Burajiru-jin desu. Karera wa Mekishiko-jin desu ka?

- Iie, karera wa Itaria-jin desu.




I am Mayumi. Are you Mr. William?

- Yes, I am William.

I am happy. Is she sad?

- Yes, she is sad.

We are college students. Are you high school students?

- No, we are junior hight school students.

They (female) are Brazilians. Are they Mexicans?

- No, they are Italians.


In Japanese, questions are formed by adding the particle ka (or in colloquial speech, just by changing the intonation of the sentence). (Wikipedia)

Easy, eh? :-)


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