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Inconvinient furigana

February 2010

It is very inconvenient for language learner when furigana is placed exactly after kanji, breaking the word.

For example in this text there are such sentences

筆を執(と )っても心持は同じ事である


But words 執 and 留 do not exist. There are words 執って (執る) and 留まる. But these words are broken by furigana, and it is extremely unhandy. For example, I use firefox add-on Rikaichan and it tries to find words 執 and 留.

Please, do not put furigana in the middle of words.

I have editor rights for Japanese, that's why I am going to move all furigana at the end of words. Or delete it at al. There is an audioversion, so learners can listen to it and understand how to read it.


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