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I want to learn japanese [Speaking and writing]

June 2012

Konnichiwa :)

I have always wanted to learn Japanese, tried once but gave up. now that the summer vacation is just around the corner I've got time to study everyday.

I only know a few words [Numbers 1-10, hello, Thank you and a few more].

And I really do want to know more, I want to learn how to write and how to speak in Japanese, I love watching Animes so it could be nice not relying on the subtitles only hahaha.

I do have a few of the Katakana-Romaji-Hiragana letters in my note book but they are very difficult to remember [Youons confuse me, and Dakuten too] I am aware that there's also the Kanji [which are even more difficult, haven't got any of those in my note book]

I'd like to get some tips from those who have already learned Japanese :)

Where should I start? I am trying to read and listen here on the site too. Its a little hard because of the way the words are 'positioned', its so different from English and Hebrew but I do know I can do it with a little help.

Sayonara and domo arigato :)


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