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I need help with grammar, please!

August 2014

Okay! So, I'm a beginner and haven't totally understood this thing with grammar properly, I'm Swedish so it's not weird for me to think naturally in Swedish grammar when writing English as well, but since Japanese and Swedish is much more different I need to ask for help.

I'm writing some sort of.... poem, or a short text because I also want to learn to write differently than just "my name is", "I'm from", etc.

So what I want to write is;

"The world is in your hands,

What will you make out of it?" (Like, what will you make of all the time and the space you've in this world)

About the first sentence I know that world is Sekai (世界) and your is Anata no (あなたの) and hands is Te (手)

But I don't really trust google transelate that much (After some incidents), so I want to know if they do this sentence right? Is the grammar right? Are the words in the right spots, since I'm a beginner at that.

世界はあなたの手の中にある (The world is in your hands)


And the other sentence, I know that what is Nani, you Anata, and it sore/sore wa.

And if I write it in google it makes the sentence into this;


I don't feel this is quite right, if know google right. ._.

I'd appreciate it if I got some help. Okay, tack så mycket :D


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