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How can LingQ's errors be fixed?

February 2010

This is my first experience with LingQ and from what I see it is seriously flawed. In several instances in this lesson it is fragmenting words and creating new unrelated words from those fragments. For example, "Nihonno" (Japanese) is broken into "ni" and "honno" which are both words in Japanese, but neither of which are intended to be in the lesson. It would be like if I took the word "star" in english, and broke it into "s" indicating possessive, and "tar" meaning a sticky black substance; by doing so I have lost the original word, and introduced two new words which were never there to begin with. This of course renders the text unintelligible if you're relying on the "hints" for translation. This is not a complaint about this lesson, but about the LingQ system/software in general.


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