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How can I translate the Kanjis I see in Videogames, on Youtube etc. ?

October 2013

Hey there,

I´ve learned most of my French by playing videogames and watching Youtube...

Step 1 - play videogame / watch video

Step 2 - look up the words and phrases that "look important" in a dictionary

Step 3 - save them on LingQ or Anki

Step 4 - repeat the first three steps until you can speak the language

I´d love to do the same thing in Japanese but there´s a huge problem...

In French, I can just read the word and type it into a dictionary...but I don´t know how to do this with Japanese Kanji.

Do you know a way to solve this problem?

PS: I´m asking about things that I can not copy´n paste, though. I can´t copy´n paste the road sign I see in a youtube video, for example.


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