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Difficulties understanding certain Japanese people (九州弁 woes?)

September 2016

I have been learning Japanese now for several years and start to feel like I can begin to understand some of what native Japanese people are saying e.g. when listening to the Lingq podcasts/lessons or popular youtubers.

While I usually don't have much problems understanding youtubers such as PDRさん, マホト ひかきん、でかきん etc. Some other youtubers (who are unfortunately my favorite ones) like 木下ゆうか、はじめしゃちょー or ふみこ from the lingq japanese podcasts, it seems like they are significantly more difficult to understand. The speech seem much more mumbled and slurred. I understand that 木下 is from 福岡 so she might be speaking with some 九州 accent but what about ふみこ?

Can someone explain what is going on here? From the transcript I know most of the words (same deal when watching 木下 with Japanese subs) but I struggle to actually hear the words they are supposed to saying.


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