Asking someone 'are you busy today?' in Italian?

Neilkenlang gb United Kingdom

I have a question about the adjective 'busy' in Italian. In the Michel Thomas Italian course, it's taught as occupato/occupata. However when I asked an Italian person that I know, 'è occupata oggi?', she said that 'occupata' is not the correct word for busy in this question. So now I'm confused. So can you tell me what the correct way to ask this question is. Thanks!

July 09 at 13:25
  • Swedishfinnpolymath fi Finland

    Wordreference is great in many ways, one of them being that they specify the meaning in brackets.

    busy (occupied person) impegnato/indaffarato

    busy (active) impegnato/pieno d'impegni


    July 09 at 14:00