LingQ finally added Microsoft text-to-speech for Hebrew!

ScotOwen us United States

LingQ finally added Microsoft text-to-speech for Hebrew! Great!

April 12 at 07:27
  • DanRunner us United States

    Yes. I noticed. It's quite good.

    What other good Hebrew content have you found?

    April 13 at 04:44
    • ScotOwen us United States

      Hi Dan. I'm still searching for Hebrew with importable Hebrew text. This seems to be difficult to find. I will work harder first at mastering the Ministories, then on to searching for more real material.

      April 14 at 03:38
      • Nona us United States

        Hi Scot, I'm also trying to find ebooks in Hebrew but haven't had any luck. Regarding the Microsoft text-to-speech, I'm not sure how to use/apply this new service. Would you please explain how you'll be using it? Thanks

        April 14 at 22:30
        • DanRunner us United States

          There are good instruction videos on LingQ showing what I just explained. But if you still have issues, ask again here and I or someone else will answer...:)

          Good luck!


          April 16 at 01:41
          • Nona us United States

            תודה רבה לך!

            April 16 at 02:21
        • ScotOwen us United States

          The easiest way is to go to "settings" (the gear symbol at the top right). Click on it and see Reader Settings. The last option is Auto play text-to-speech.

          April 16 at 05:26
          • Nona us United States


            April 16 at 12:26
      • DanRunner us United States

        If you're still doing the Ministories then HebrewPod101 is good source of content. I think it's about $100/year, but the audio is very easy to download as files to import into your own lessons.--The text is also easy. Also good is Hadashon, and Israeli gov easy news site. However, some of the words have vowels (and link doesn't always handle them correctly) and I've been unable to download the audio.

        Where you are ready the best is DoingHistory Podcasts by Ron Levi. They are great--and the audio and text are there for mos to them. But they are are hard!

        April 15 at 04:57
        • Nona us United States

          Thanks, Dan. I appreciate your recommendations and will check them out. If you have a minute, would you please share how I would go about downloading HebrewPod 101 to import to Lingq? I'm having difficulty importing YouTube and outside material. Thanks very much.

          April 16 at 00:01
          • DanRunner us United States

            Importing plain text (with our without Vowels) is very different than importing YouTube. For plain text, just copy from the website and hit the "+" button on the upper right of the LingQ website and create a new lesson. It works 99% of the time. Importing an audio file is a little harder, but from HebrewPod 101, I download them (because I'm a member) to my Google drive and then when in the edit a lesson function I add the file. As amazing as it sounds, I've 100% success with attaching MP3 files less than 60M.

            April 16 at 01:39