what does this mean? "je prends un peu trop le pli"

salsham39 us United States

what does this mean? "je prends un peu trop le pli"

March 07 at 06:06
  • Swedishfinngermanophile fi Finland

    According to wordrefrence prendre le pli means to get used to..

    March 08 at 05:48
  • chloefrau au Australia

    I take a little to much getting use to.

    je prends - i take

    un peu trop - a little too much

    le pli - get use to

    Translations for le pli mainly included 'crease/wrinkle/fold' and "envelope3

    Also used in sayings like "ne pas faire un pli" meaning "be no doubt about"


    "prendre le pli de faire" meaning "get into the habit of doing"

    Hope this helps! Context should help you narrow it down

    March 08 at 08:20
  • Errol za South Africa

    Yes, like the other reply says, "prendre le pli de faire qch" means "get into the habit of doing smth" (Collins Robert Fr. College Dict.), so presumably "je prends un peu trop le pli" would be something like "it's becoming a bit too much of a habit". This is a new expression to me too, so it will be interesting if you perhaps get some more responses.

    March 08 at 09:06
  • salsham39 us United States

    Thank you everyone ! that totally makes sense given the context.

    March 12 at 02:17