vous ne comprendrez que peu de choses

Ray6 us United States

Why isn't there 'pas' after 'comprendrez'? (vous ne comprendrez que peu de choses.)

November 05 at 20:13
  • gabrielde_souza_oliveira br Brazil

    Hi, Rang. I've come to the same question a few weeks ago. I guess that when someone says " ne + verb + que it means "only" and that's why there isn't any 'pas' after 'comprendrez'. So the whole sentence would be " You will understand only a few things"

    November 07 at 20:28
    • Ray6 us United States

      Thanks Gabriel!

      November 10 at 14:29
  • Katy_Languages_The-French-Instinct fr France


    Negation in written and formal French is always dobble: ne + an other element that can be "pas" but also "jamais", "que", "plus", that bring some restriction or precise the meaning of the sentence. As Gabriel said, "ne... que" means "only". You could also find "ne ... pas que" which would be the opposite: not only, not just.

    In everyday French, we don't use the "ne" when we speak.

    November 10 at 10:04
    • Ray6 us United States

      Thanks a lot, that was really helpful!

      November 10 at 14:28