What does "threw me off" mean?

soonmi kr Korea, South

I'm learning English for now.

I didn't find the " threw me off " mean.

It just threw me off.

I know 'throw' means. throw ball,throw trash ect.

Is 'throw off' the same?

November 2010
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    steve ca Canada

    It is helpful to have more context.

    Generally "throw someone off" either means to distract someone from what they are trying to learn, but it is sometimes used to mean "to turn someone off' , in other words to make someone not like something.

    A little more context and it will be easier to explain.

    November 2010
  • [redeian] aw Aruba

    From: Longman contemporary dictionary.

    throw somebody/something ↔ off phrasal verb

    1 to take off a piece of clothing in a quick careless way :

    Ex. They threw off their clothes and dived in.

    2 to get free from something that has been limiting your freedom :

    Ex. In 1845, they finally threw off the yoke of foreign rule.

    3 if you throw off an illness, you get better from it :

    Ex. It’s taken me ages to throw off this cold.

    4 to escape from someone or something that is chasing you :

    Ex. We ran flat out for about half a mile before we could throw them off.

    5 to produce large amounts of heat or light :

    Ex. The engine was throwing off so much heat that the air above it shimmered with haze.

    November 2010