please help me.

anejame vn Viet Nam

I have exercise in textbook with the answer but I dont know the reason why and how to correct them properly. normally I often receive the answer less than 24 hours from tutors in this site. this time 3 days gone by I go in and out the site to look for help but no one put the finger in, no interaction, no comment.

exercise: find the part that needs correcting.

1. this is the picture of the missing girl for whom we are looking.

A. the B. of C. missing D. for whom

2.Neil Armstrong was the first man who walked on the moon

A. the first B.who C..on D. the moon

3.he was the only man who reached the top of the mountain.

A.the only B. who C.the top D.the mountain

The key 1 - D.

2- B

3- B

I need a clear explanation to the keys. thanks so so much

November 27 at 21:31
  • TeacherNia us United States

    The answer key is incorrect.

    All of the sentences should begin with a capital letter.

    And all of the sentences are correct with regard to word choice and word order.

    All of the sentences can be re-written to create equally correct sentences!

    Are you sure about the exact and complete instructions?

    November 28 at 16:09
  • ghank13. us United States

    I agree with TeacherNia's post. The sentences are correct. The answer key is incorrect ( Phím trả lời không chính xác) Which textbook are you using?

    December 05 at 02:32