Language Learning Strategies

cauelz br Brazil

Hey guys, what's up?

I have a simple question here:

How do you study to improve your language skills?

I've been learning here at LingQ only by reading/listening and sometimes I feel I'm kind of stuck at my progression.

Hope I can get a few Tips from you.

Thanks you guys and Have a nice day.

October 03 at 16:41
  • TeacherNia us United States

    Here is a suggestion: Imitate what you hear, using your voice. Imitate what you hear, withouit looking at written text or without imagining the written text in your mind.

    Another suggestion: Find out one or more SPECIFIC things that you do not know. Then find them out. Then practice using them in speaking and in writing ad nauseum until your passive understanding becomes active usage.

    October 04 at 20:01
    • cauelz br Brazil

      Hello TeacherNia,

      Thanks for the answer! =D

      So, It's all about repetition?

      Can I just listen to anything and try to Imitate it?

      October 04 at 22:24
      • TeacherNia us United States

        Repetition is important, you're right. However, ACTIVE use through speaking is imperative.

        Focus on listening and imitating what you hear. Be absolutely sure that you are imitating the same sounds that you hear. Do not look at the text with your eyes or in your minds eye until you have evidence that you have the same pronunciation and intonation as the audio your are listening to. Listen to the English that you need to speak, need to write, need to understand. By simply reading and listening, two passive activities, you may be increasing your PASSIVE vocabulary however you will not necessarily using that vocabulary spontaneously or using that vocabulary correctly when you speak or when you write. You may fill stuck because by engaging in passive activity you recognize more words but you don't in fact use more words. You don't in fact speak better than you did or write better than you did or express yourself better than when you started. You may not see the progress because you are not producing. You are consuming. You are not producing. Producing is important. OUTPUT is important. Correct OUTPUT is important. And repeated CORRECT output is important. Repetition per se is NOT what it is all about. When developing a new habit correct repetition of the desired behavior/habit/action is important to establish the habit and if the establishment of the new habit is replacing a previous, incorrect habit then practicing the new habit needs to be even more frequent and more intense.

        October 05 at 18:06
        • cauelz br Brazil

          Thanks a lot TeacherNia =D!

          October 06 at 14:36
          • TeacherNia us United States

            You're welcome. :) I might put this in my next newsletter. It may help other people. :)

            October 06 at 18:09
            • Mohsin.m pk Pakistan

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              October 08 at 05:39
      • Mohsin.m pk Pakistan

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        October 08 at 05:40