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Best Methods of Self Study Chinese With Chinese Dictionary Online

February 25 at 07:53

Where to start learning? What are the necessary learning facilities and resources? How to learn the Chinese language effectively? This is the question of many people who want to learn Chinese by themselves. I will share the most effective self-study Chinese language for beginners with the

1. Clearly define your goal of learning Chinese

You must determine the learning goals right from the start so you can choose the most suitable curriculum and curriculum and how to learn the most effectively.

2. Get an overview of Chinese

Before you start learning, be familiar with Chinese: listen to music, watch movies, watch entertainment programs, … as long as you can create your own love and desire to learn Chinese.

3. Simple rules for learning Chinese

a. Which materials should I choose to study for myself?

If you want to study communication, you should choose materials that focus on Chinese conversation. If you want to learn basic, complete all 4 skills of listening, speaking, reading, writing, the Chinese dictionary online is a perfect choice for you, while updating the new vocabulary, has many exercises, wallets. example to practice.

b. Practice writing

Chinese is not like most languages ​​in the world according to the alphabet but has a hieroglyphic hierarchy, so an oval notebook can help practice writing. Write letters if you want to write beautiful and progressive.

You can also use a with detailed instructions on how to write for you. Not only is this very simple but it also helps you to progress very fast.

c. Learn new words with a Flashcard

Flashcard is not only used for learning English, but it is also very effective in learning multiple languages. Flashcard is one of the effective tools that you can use on an online English Chinese dictionary, can learn and review vocabulary anywhere, saving you time.

d. Learn Chinese on the Chinese dictionary online

In the Technology Age, a lot of software was created to help users learn languages effectively. Just a smartphone you can learn Chinese

You can refer to the to regularly update interesting and unique lessons to help expand Chinese vocabulary and communication.

Hopefully, my share will help you choose the method that’s right for you in learning Chinese.


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