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Jingle us United States

I came across this comment in a blog:

"una bocada que no había dios que hincara el diente".

I understand that the sandwich was hard to chew.

Would a good English translation be something like, "There isn't a god who could dent it with his teeth" or perhaps "Even God couldn't sink His teeth into it"?

March 15 at 02:10
  • ftornay es Spain

    That's correct. The second version, in particular, would be closer to the original meaning. In general, a common colloquial expression is "no hay dios que..." (+ subjunctive), literally "No God could...." in the sense that "there's no way...", and which adds a touch of blasphemy, typical of the Spanish style of swearing.

    On the other hand, are you sure it says "una bocada"? I would expect "un bocata", which is slang for "un bocadillo" = a sandwich. If so, I'm rather sure that was written by someone from Spain because both "bocata" and "no hay dios" are very usual slang expressions around here.

    The exact sentence IMO would be:

    "Un bocata que no había dios que _le_ hincara el diente"

    March 15 at 03:42
    • Jingle us United States

      Yes, it was bocata. My mistake. And yes this is a blog post from a person from Spain. Thanks a lot. I was hoping you'd be monitoring this thread!

      Also, there was a "le". I wrote it from memory and hesitated about putting in the "le". I should have gone back and checked.


      March 15 at 03:50
  • cplaysuit us United States

    definetely the second one, it is more closer to the translation, you have to remember that slang doesn´t have a translation

    May 22 at 21:30
    • Jingle us United States


      May 23 at 15:56