If you want to practice conversation in French or Spanish

KatySLanguages fr France

Hi everyone! I started using Lingq a couple of weeks ago and I've just found this forum!

I've put some availability if you want to practice French or Spanish. I'm bilingual in French (from France) and Spanish (from Spain). I'm also a professionnal teacher (but not a conventional one! check my profile) and I've been teaching online for more than one year now. I love meeting people from all over the world. If you need anything don't hesitate to join me!

Je suis disponible pour des conversations en français ou en espagnol. Je suis bilingue et aussi prof certifiée (mais pas une prof traditionnelle, regardez mon profil!) et je travaille en ligne depuis plus d'un an maintenant. J'adore parler avec des gens de partout dans le monde donc n'hésitez pas à me contacter si vous avez besoin.

Estoy disponible para sesiones en francés o en español. Soy bilingüe y profesora certificada (pero no soy una profe convencional, echadle un vistazo a mi perfil) y trabajo on-line desde hace más de un año. Me encanta hablar con gente de todas partes así que no dudéis en contactar conmigo si necesitáis algo.

April 2017
  • Capella de Germany

    Hello Katsy, I know you are mostly a teacher, but would you also be interested in a tandem exchange? I am a native German speaker and started learning Spanish relatively recently. I would very much like to get some speaking practice with a native speaker, but I am not looking for lessons, just for some relaxed conversations. If you'd be interested in improving your German, we could do Skype meetings or just exchange mails/messages in both languages.

    January 09 at 20:51
    • KatySLanguages fr France

      Hi Capella. Thanks a lot for contacting me. I'm trying to improve my German lately. I think it could be a good idea to try to speak it! So yes. I'm more a speaking person than a writing one when it comes to learning a language. So trying an exchange on Skype would be a good idea for me.

      January 10 at 08:24
    • KatySLanguages fr France

      I've just posted a pm on your wall.

      January 10 at 08:27
  • Car2017 de Germany

    J'apprends le français et l'espagnol depuis plusieurs années, mais il me faut les utiliser plus souvent. Je parle l'allemand comme langue maternelle et comme tu as dit, tu serais intéressée à faire des échanges sur Skype. Est-ce que tu voudrais faire un échange avec moi ?

    Estoy aprendiendo el francés y el español desde hace muchos años, pero me hace falta utilizarlos más. Hablo el alemán como lengua materna y como has dicho, serás interesado en hacer intercambios en Skype. ¿Querrías hacer un intercambio conmigo?

    January 10 at 12:09
    • KatySLanguages fr France

      Hola, gracias por tu propuesta car2017. The thing is my level of German is really low. I don't think I can handle more than 10-15mn conversation for the moment and I can only talk about very basic things. Whereas you need longer conversations in French or Spanish so it will be hard to make a well balanced exchange I think.

      January 10 at 18:23
      • Car2017 de Germany

        10 to 15 minutes would be absolutely fine by my and if you can only talk about very basic things, that's ok, too, if you're fine with that. Or I could answer questions you have.

        January 10 at 20:58
  • Moderator
    Ress de Germany

    I would like to have practice in Spanish. I have been 2 times in Spain and could use Spanish there. But it is jet far from fluent.

    My Italian sometimes helps and sometimes not. This year I'm going to put more attention on Spanish.

    By the way, I love French but not everything at once.

    January 11 at 09:18
  • KatySLanguages fr France

    Ok, so send me your Skype Id on my wall and I'll send you an invitation. I'm busy with my kids & work but I'll try to find some time to practice, if it's for short conversations it should be ok. Thanks a lot.

    January 11 at 11:47
  • KatySLanguages fr France

    But honestly I don't know if I'll have time for several exchanges ;-)

    January 11 at 14:05