I want to learn to speak English :) HELP :) Only Native Speaker

magdalenadrozdz pl Poland

Hi, I'm from Poland and looking for someone who will help me learn to speak English. BTW make new friends. In return I will help you teach Polish. :)

October 25 at 09:29
  • fatiha_djebbar dz Algeria

    hi i speak english well and i can help because i really enjoy speaking english with friends

    October 29 at 16:38
  • LILingquist us United States

    I'm always willing to help, but not looking to learn Polish at the moment. Still working on Spanish.

    October 29 at 20:47
    • magdalenadrozdz pl Poland

      Thx :) maybe you know sameone who would find some time to talk with me? :)

      October 30 at 10:29
  • William6622 us United States


    December 05 at 10:18
  • AestheticYoongi us United States

    I can help you!!!

    December 05 at 14:14
    • magdalenadrozdz pl Poland

      Nice 🙂 whats your name and how old are you? Give me your skype pls

      December 05 at 17:59
      • William6622 us United States


        December 06 at 00:41