I want to learn to speak English :) HELP :) Only Native Speaker

magdalenadrozdz pl Poland

Hi, I'm from Poland and looking for someone who will help me learn to speak English. BTW make new friends. In return I will help you teach Polish. :)

October 25 at 09:29
  • fatiha_djebbar dz Algeria

    hi i speak english well and i can help because i really enjoy speaking english with friends

    October 29 at 16:38
  • LILingquist us United States

    I'm always willing to help, but not looking to learn Polish at the moment. Still working on Spanish.

    October 29 at 20:47
    • magdalenadrozdz pl Poland

      Thx :) maybe you know sameone who would find some time to talk with me? :)

      October 30 at 10:29
  • William6622 us United States


    December 05 at 10:18
  • AestheticYoongi us United States

    I can help you!!!

    December 05 at 14:14
    • magdalenadrozdz pl Poland

      Nice 🙂 whats your name and how old are you? Give me your skype pls

      December 05 at 17:59
      • William6622 us United States


        December 06 at 00:41
  • spickeronline in India


    If you want to learn English then firstly, English is hard language, leave this fear. To learn English read more books, novels and watch some new etc. definately you will improve your English

    January 19 at 10:48