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Would LingQ even add indigenous languages?

April 06 at 15:31

My question has no concrete background, but I'm fascinated by the idea of learning an indigenous Latin American language. When I lived in Peru I learned the basics of Quechua (version from Huaraz) and in Mexico, where I'm living right now I'm tented to learn Nahuatl or Zapoteco.

Now, I would start this project not now and not alone but with some friends and a tutor. I thought that it would be interesting to take the Spanish ministories as a guideline to the course and translate them into the target language with the help of the tutor.

But even in the case that 60 ministories were translated and with HQ audio files, would LingQ even add indigenous languages from Latam?

I guess with the exception of GuaranĂ­ there is a great lack of resources (news, videos, Netflix and books).