Video Content for Modern Greek :-)

Diotallevi de Germany

There is a series with TED talks from Chania I just found out about.

Search Youtube --> TEDx Chania and you will find them.

The majority is in English, but there is a number of talks in Greek, with fairly accurate man-made Greek subtitles.

Enjoy :-)

October 08 at 14:35
  • Potami us United States

    I was planning to start a thread with links to Modern Greek video content, but you beat me to it, Diotallevi! Μπράβο σας και σας ευχαριστώ!

    I propose we Modern Greek learners continue this thread to post video content as we find it. I'm going to concentrate on video that is spoken in Greek with Greek closed-caption/subtitles, as I find that most helpful.

    Here are my first offerings:

    MonosToSpiti: this is essentially a set of seven advertisements from the big home improvement store Praktiker made into a story about someone renovating a home. Link to first episode:

    Astronio: Astronomy series for non-scientists. Link to YouTube channel page (videos with closed caption have "CC" under the title):

    Ted Talks: Diotallevi gave us a lead to the Chania talks, which is a great start. I've been searching through that plus other TedTalk venues to find the talks that were spoken in Greek. I'll keep adding them to this thread as I find them. For starters:

    Η γοητεία της τόλμης: Γιάννης Μπουτάρης at TEDxAcademy

    Τι ελέγχω στη ζωή όταν δεν ελέγχω τη ζωή μου; Marilena Karamolegou at TEDxChania

    Τι δεν σου είπαν στο σχολείο για τον επαγγελματικό προσανατολισμό | Spyros Michaloulis | TEDxAUEB

    October 09 at 20:31
  • Potami us United States

    more TedTalks in Greek with Greek closed-caption

    The two faces of Greece | Alexis Papahelas | TEDxAcademy

    The Greece I dream of | Nikos Koumettis | TEDxAcademy

    An exoskeletal glove: Charis Ioannou at TEDx Athens 2012

    A year after my TEDxAthens talk: Charis Ioannou at TEDxAthens

    October 09 at 20:49
    • Diotallevi de Germany

      Thanks for all this :-)

      October 09 at 22:04
  • tjb au Australia

    Here is another:

    October 11 at 22:08
  • gregf fr France

    This thread is wonderful, thank you!

    Are any of you planning on making Lingq lessons of these material? I try to do the Online Greek Tutor videos every week, but I've gotten annoyed by the LingQ website and I've stopped posting as much. In any case, more Greek content on LingQ is always very welcome!

    October 13 at 14:58
    • Potami us United States

      gregf, first I'd like to thank you for all the excellent Greek lesson content that you have made available on LingQ! I really appreciate the work you did to provide those.

      I've decided that rather than wade into the murky waters of copyright protection, I would just post links here on this thread and let others create their own lessons. In the case of videos on YouTube, I'm hoping that everyone at LingQ who uses that content will give the creators a thumbs up and/or subscribe (especially if the videos have subtitles in Greek!), thus encouraging more good content on the web in general. Indeed, I learned about the Online Greek Tutor from the lessons you provided at LingQ, and now I subscribe to their channel and can give them direct positive feedback while still using LingQ to save my translations of unknown vocabulary, etc.

      I've only been at LingQ for a few months and I find the importing of content incredibly easy, so I don't feel so guilty about not creating shared lessons. Maybe that wasn't the case when you were creating those lessons? I'm also finding a terrific community of helpful language learners at this site, so for me LinqQ has been a good experience, despite occasional frustrations (like not being able to easily download my large vocabulary list).

      By the way, I saw an old thread where you were looking for people interested in helping pay for the transcription of some Greek podcasts. If that is still a possibility, I would be interested. Thanks!

      October 13 at 19:54
      • Diotallevi de Germany

        Same here, I would be ready to help, too :-)

        October 30 at 16:00