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ru   Russian Federation


May 2018

In this collection you can read some interesting articles about different countries, historical events, actual affairs, cultural issues and unusual customs.

The most of them are recorded by my friends, native English speakers.

These podcasts I successfully use at my lessons in our language school.

Here is the link to my last podcast made up with Nerelle - HEROES AND CELEBRITIES:


You can ALSO read in thwe course THE WORLD AROUND US such articles as:

Mobile Slavery

I'm proud

Territory of the hunt


My German Grandmother

Travelling abroad at the time of USSR

What do Russian eat?

Motherr's Death

Russian character


The solitude in the Net

Home libraries


The History of New Year Tree

Sunny Clown

Holiday with tears in the eyes

The immortal Regiment

Russian pensioneers

The death of a beloved cat

The first Germans in Russia etc.