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Spring forward your language learning... With More New Content

March 17 at 15:10

The snow is disappearing, we're jumping ahead our clocks by an hour... So why not make that same jump with LingQ?

We've added a new shelf for Beginner Chinese learners aimed at helping you get used to reading Chinese characters and getting through some of our easiest lessons. It contains a variety of different courses, so you can pick and choose the content that's best for you. Check it out here https://www.lingq.com/en/learn/zh/web/library/search/folder:4659599

Take a look at Learn Korean with Ganada ssaem, a huge 65-part courses aimed at complete beginners in Korean. Each lesson goes through a few simple phrases, and you can see right from the title what each lesson is about. Some lessons deal with greetings, others with important grammar points or verb conjugations, and other with asking and answering questions. Check the course out here https://www.lingq.com/en/learn/ko/web/library/course/1245218

We have a brand new Patterns course in German. Our Patterns courses aim to show you the most common types of sentences in different langauges. In German, we've compiled 31 lessons worth of patterns for new learners. Since grammar is best learned through reading and listening to grammatically correct sentences, you'll get lots of exposure to common sentence structure in German. Check it out here https://www.lingq.com/en/learn/de/web/library/course/1248348

As always, we've had far too much new content this week to mention everything in one post. Check out the What's New shelf in your language for a full look at our offerings!