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Should I Make My Own Content Public?

April 02 at 18:43

My Polish tutor and I are making up a soap opera-esque story (TPRS method), and I take what we brainstorm and write it up as a short chapter, then she proofreads it. I am basically turning the chapters into little graded readers for myself because there are so few available in Polish.

I have just recently gotten onto LingQ full time and I have uploaded it so that I can more easily re-read it and practice the words that I don't know so well. I have thought about making the chapters publicly available, but I'm not sure if people would be interested in it, or if they would feel it was substandard and junking up the place. (There's not a huge amount of stuff available in Polish at the lower levels, so I can't tell if it fits or not.)

I guess, really, the chapters aren't much different from the Mini Stories, just longer and at an A2 level. It's obviously not native content, although, as I said, my tutor (a native speaker) does proofread it. I guess it just seems a bit like hubris or self-serving for me to publish stuff that I wrote like I'm an expert at writing for Polish learners.

What do you all think? Should I share our tale of floozies and gold-diggers, suspected murder, and a mafia turf war, or is it something better kept to myself?


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