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Russian Content: Sources and Methods for Uploading to LingQ

August 2021

I recently started looking for content for Russian language and I would like to share my experiences, as well as ask others for their help.

Please see my course, Cortina Conversational Russian, in the beginner courses. Thanks to users of the forum "how to learn any language" and "language learners forum", the course has now been released by the publisher to the public domain. The entire course is now available for free download on the Yojik website - including an electronic form of the text and several versions of the audio.

I loved the course when I found it, and I wanted to resurrect it. I listened to the audio and found that the later lessons were not of usable quality. So, I hired a Russian voice actor (a professional radio announcer in Moscow) from the website Voices.com. I asked him to read the last 10 or so lessons in slow, clear Russian for beginners. This process was a bit time consuming and a bit expensive, but the results were great. These new audio files are also available on the Yojik website.

I uploaded the mp3 files from the Yojik website to Happyscribe.com (an online transcription platform available for several languages). On the website, I manually correct the auto-generated transcription (for punctuation, spelling, capitalizations, etc). This process is quite time consuming and difficult. And, to be honest, a bit expensive also. (It's $12 per hour of audio.) I then export the transcription from HappyScribe to a .txt text file.

With this, I am able to create a lesson in LingQ. I use the mp3 from the Yojik website and the transcription I make from Happyscribe. After uploading to LingQ, I usually have to review the lesson several times in LingQ to check for any errors I missed in HappyScribe. Then I "share" the lesson on LingQ.

And that's how I created the course "Cortina Conversational Russian". I hope LingQ users will find it is of high quality - the Cortina method, the audio, etc. I've uploaded a little more than half of the lessons, so far. I hope others will enjoy and benefit from the course, as I have.

And, by the way, I have learned a LOT of Russian just by creating this course.