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I don't get the LingQ idea

March 03 at 02:42

HI all! New user here.

I am coming from Duolingo, who really gets you by the hand and guides you through everything, and I am having a hard time understanding the basic concept of "LingQ-ing".

I want to learn Japanese. I know literally a dozen words, tops. So when I go to the tutorial, it tells me to keep clicking on words I don't know, and just on the first lesson I am already over the 20 LingQ limit for free accounts, so I cannot even finish the tutorial because the "LingQ limit" popup.

Is it possible to learn something from scratch with the free account? I am willing to pay, but when the paywall is so high I always get a bit wary of the platform. I mean, I cannot even finish the tutorial to be able to proper evaluate the product.

Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you so much for your input!