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Google Translate and Mini Stories: How we can do half the job without knowing the language.

May 26 at 14:37

As I recently posted Google Translate has added three indigenous Latin American languages, Guaraní, Aymara and Quechua. Obviously there are still problems, for example Quechua is not a language but a language family, and some translations seem to be a bit awkward but the point is: It's out there and everyone can use it.

So this brought me to the question how we can use this tool and make it possible to eventually add these languages to LingQ. The main requirement are the 60 Mini Stories and to LET them translate by a translator was by now too laborous and expensive.

But I might have a solution: We can create Google Docs with the 60 Mini Stories (In Latin American Spanish) with one column for the stories in Spanish, one with the translation from Google Translate and then we leave two columns for native speakers, where they can correct the GT version and write some remarks if they want. This would be super easy to use and you can share the link with many native speakers.

What do you think? Here is an example: